eatbigfish's 7 Tips for Marketing Sustainability as a Challenger Brand

We sat down with Mark Barden, partner at the strategic consultancy firm eatbigfish, to talk about why brand leaders need to consider...

The Competitive Landscape of the Plant-Based Protein Category

What makes a burger a burger? You might say it’s the juiciness of the patty, or the texture of the meat, or the perfect assortment of toppings and melted cheese on top. But would you still call a..

The Plant-based Protein Category: Trends That Matter

“Eat your veggies”, our moms always said, placing a plate full of carrots and salad in front of us. But who knew that many years later, eating vegetables would be as tasty as eating your favourite..

Activities We Miss Most: 2020 vs 2021

In 2021, 38% of Canadians reported experiencing loneliness or isolation due to the pandemic. 41% of adults living in the US reported signs of anxiety and/or depression.

How to Test Your Logo and Win Hearts & Minds

Knowing how to test your logo is a skill that we aren’t necessarily taught in school. But it can come in handy, that’s for sure; when you’re developing a new company, when you’re looking to..

Concept Testing Examples: 6 Real Wins & Fails

Will my idea work? That's the question that keeps many marketers up at night. Even after investing large budgets on research and development, working tirelessly to execute on an idea, and..

10 Best Company Logos of All Time

A logo is the face of a company. It has a huge influence on your brand’s visual identity,  the way consumers perceive your brand, and even the associations consumers make with your organization...

5 Ways to Optimize Your On-Tag Sustainability Claims

'Vegan fabrics', 'recycled materials', 'salvaged products'... These phrases appear on clothes tags. But what do the claims mean to your audiences and how do they react to sustainability claims..

11 Best Practices for Writing Concept Testing Survey Questions

Benefits of concept testing

Learning what your target audiences like or dislike about your initial concepts is a challenging task, especially if you lack more advanced research skills and..

5 Reasons to do Concept Testing in Marketing Research

In 2017, Dove decided to release a line of limited edition bottle designs for their body wash that resembled female "body types". They likely wouldn’t want us to draw attention to this packaging..