Sustainable Shopping: What Matters Most to Consumers

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow came to an end in November. Countries made some tough decisions and made big promises to help preserve our planet. 

We were curious to see how do consumers react to these kinds of decisions when it comes to everyday shopping. What are their thoughts on companies that support sustainable initiatives and which of those do they care about most?

We ran a study with a total of 400 Canadians and Americans aged 18 to 49. We wanted to learn which kinds of eco-certifications they're most attracted to, how they want businesses to do better when it comes to sustainability and which sustainability initiatives they find most important.

  • Base size - 400
  • Canada and the US
  • 18-49, male and female
  • Those who are concerned about the effects of climate change in the next 25 years

We then looked for some patterns and concluded key insights - check them out below!










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